Went last night and have to say how fantastic the whole performance was.

In one word, authentic.

It is such a shame that the story and recognition for Lil has taken some time to be really celebrated but it is great that it now has, in such an important year. 

The cast were fantastic. The fact that they had proper ‘ull  accents really added to the whole thing. Of course, the casting of Lil herself was just about perfect. Also, Rose and I have to mention Nat.  No previous acting experience, I learnt from the programme? Wow!

The writing was also spot on. I guess that comes from Val Holmes’  roots. The scene when Lil’s husband was waiting for his tea. “Where the ‘ell ‘a you been?” Spot on!

What also struck a chord for me was the fact that Lil didn’t think she was clever. I dare say that she really didn’t.  However, with different opportunities, her life could have been so very different. She clearly was very intelligent. 

Very often, on a national scale,  reference is made to the hardships endured by mining communities. As with most things, Hull and its heritage are not talked about so much.  

In a time when we need good people to speak out globally, we need more people like Lil. We need people to stand up for what is right.

Many thanks