As well as promoting our LIL WRITING WORKSHOPS today, Val and I attended the National Writing Day event organised by today at and was lassooed into my first ever 7 minute writing exercise, starting with… “I feel free when…”

I feel free when the sharpened lead of my 4b strikes the pad on my knee. As It strives to find the line that sets the body revealed firmly in the vast white space before me.

She, the body, who shares her time for £30, unfolds. She’s still. She’s incredibly complex. So I try to master the eye and hand to flesh out the brief moment we share.

At last and before anytime at all has passed, she’s there. Fixed for all eternity – signed, June 2018.

Great fun. Top of mind stuff, so you didn’t have time to think too hard! So my figure Drawing studies became the subject.

Some brilliant responses from the audience. This exercise of group shared, instant creative writing, will now be a regular feature of future group meetups.

Well done to Michelle Dee , Dave Windass  and Kate Fox for compering. And BACK TO OURS  for supporting.