In 2018 we’ll be producing further original work by Val Holmes, which you will still find, contain the well drawn characters and particular sensibilities that makes up our life here in Hull.

We’re also inviting other local writers with existing plays to enter our selection process. Writers who may wish to take advantage of LIL DRAMA COMPANY’s facilities, acting talent bank, promotional skills and network. These writers may be brand new. Of a certain age! Or experienced ones who want to develop their ideas more fully. We’ll be open to and selecting stories that we believe have the chance to be both commercially and critically successful as an LDC production, but most of all… that simply move and connect with a LIL audience!

Initial performances will be small, select affairs, up close to the two, three or four actors performing each work in development. Performed here at PAD STUDIOS in our 30 seat theatre/rehearsal space. From their reaction we’ll get to know which should be developed into full blown productions – just like LIL! (only smaller!).