We’ve managed to engage some of the most experienced and talented writers in their specialist field to provide a series of ongoing workshops in the heart of Hull.

Playwriting, Life-writing and Poetry are the three subjects that can be explored by anyone with a creative itch that needs scratching in the most supportive way. All three mentors Dave Windass, Nick Triplow and Peter Knaggs are respected local people with a track record of both doing and teaching.

Learning from those that have skin in the game, so to speak, is a great opportunity. So I hope that you will help to get the WORD out about the workshops. 

You can find more details here: LIL WORKSHOPS and express your own interest in attending by filling in the application form for a chance of a place. Or, if you’ve ever heard someone say “I could write a book!” or express a poetic turn of phrase, please let them know about us.


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